The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)

The MRTC is introducing the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) for all members. The NTRP is being instituted in an effort to stimulate play among members and to facilitate the introduction of new members into the club. The NTRP has been designed by the USTA and adopted by Tennis Canada as a means to categorize a players ability to a specific skill level. Once you have reviewed and identified your NTRP level please update the information on your member profile page. Guidelines to rate yourself:

  • Study the “Play Tennis” self-rating chart
  • Start reading from the top of the chart, beginning with Level 1.0.
  • Find the level that best describes your general level of play.
  • Ask your Instructor or Coach to validate your self-rating, if you think that will help.
  • Remember that as you play more, and improve, your rating may improve.
  • Update your rating periodically.
  • Results in social and competitive matches will validate whether your chosen level is reasonably accurate.